About the Book

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Navy Commander Luke Shafer was suddenly confronted with the blind obedience question he had so often wrestled with throughout his military career. Now he had his answer…and to hell with the consequences.

Americans have always had a natural tendency to unite in times of crisis; only this time, when they learn about the treasonous acts of the president, their unanimous response reflects total distrust of both major political parties.

It’s 2019—the nation watches as live coverage shows a nuclear-armed missile, targeting New York City. The intruder is intercepted and destroyed with only minutes to spare—thanks to Navy Commander Luke Shafer, acting in blatant disobedience of a presidential order.

Shafer is first vilified for insubordination, but becomes a national hero after the trial of the century reveals the truth of his unhesitating defiance of a corrupt president. Thanks to his sudden rise to the spotlight, Luke becomes a presidential nominee and uses his newfound clout to fight against what he believes to be the source of much corruption—career politicians. But the question is whether his military leadership will translate to the political forum. Can Shafer forge peace from turmoil among the world’s major powers and religions and repair the relationship between the government and its defiant populace?

‘What could be perceived as a literary call to action during a letter of objective lab reports templates three packages time when Americans have lost their faith in their elected leaders and their taste for debating what the next viable step is on the global political stage, this first novel cum op-ed piece is worth a look-see.’ —Publishers Weekly